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Innovating While Microdosing: How to Step Up Your Creative Game

Psychedelics and creativity share a long, fruitful history. While larger doses have catalyzed several creative breakthroughs in science, music, and art, the increasing popularity of microdosing is demonstrating that small, sub-perceptual doses of LSD or psilocybin can have just as big an impact on creativity. A new study analyzing data from the world’s largest drug survey confirms what anecdotal reports […]

Can Microdosing LSD Overcome Chronic Pain?

By Samuel Douglas, Philosopher and Vice President of the Australian Psychedelic Society Two new and exciting pieces of research into how microdosing can impact pain and our brain’s capacity to make new connections came out in the past month. In the first, researchers found that a microdose of LSD, in this case 20 micrograms, can allow us […]

What’s the Optimal Dose Amount for Microdosing LSD?

Here’s something we know, at least anecdotally: microdosing LSD can help combat depression and anxiety, contribute to feelings of well-being, and lead to insights and creative perspectives that might otherwise be inaccessible to us. Here’s something we’re still trying to figure out: what’s the optimal dose for microdosing LSD? In other words, how much—or how little—can we […]

Microdosing, Macrodosing, and Mindfulness

By Samuel Douglas, Philosopher and Vice President of the Australian Psychedelic Society Mindfulness, explored through meditation and other practices, is being aware of, and accepting, the present moment. While the idea can seem simple, it’s both powerful and potentially challenging. Psychedelics, at subtle microdoses or awe-inspiring macrodoses, can be similarly life-changing. What might happen if we […]

Avoiding Negative Experiences With Microdosing

This post explores how microdosing psychedelics can require a significant amount of supplemental mindfulness practices, such as meditation or journaling, in order for users to not feel overwhelmed by the intoxicating effects of the substances. For example, if a user spends 20 minutes in eyes-closed meditation on 0.1 grams of psilocybin to help them feel […]