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A vaporizer, vaporiser or vaporizer (literally evaporator is) a device for the evaporation of active substances. Unlike inhalers, the substance is vaporized directly (i.e. not as a solution). In the case of additional heating, the substance is ideally only heated to the point where the desired ingredients evaporate. A burn (oxidation) is avoided so that no undesired by-products are formed. Vaporizers are mostly used to release active ingredients from plant material, such as tobacco, cannabis or other herbs. However, these are also used as an alternative to traditional tobacco consumption through cigarettes, by filling a mixture of propylene glycol , glycerine and nicotine into a tank and then vaporizing and inhaling it.

Vaporizers contain different forms of extraction containers, which are mainly made of metal or glass. The extracted active ingredients are either inhaled directly through the steam or collected in a fillable bag and then released to the consumer. If the vaporizer is used correctly, i.e. at low temperatures, improved extraction and far less damage to the lung system than when consumed after burning has been demonstrated.

An electric cigarette is a battery- powered vaporizer designed to imitate smoking cigarettes without burning tobacco. The usage is colloquially called “vaping” or “vaping”. The user activates the e-cigarette by pressing a button or simply by pulling on the mouthpiece. The vaporizers are often cylindrical in shape, but there are many other variations on the market – some are a direct replica of a commercially available cigarette or modeled after it.

Instead of cigarette smoke, the consumer inhales an aerosol. E-cigarettes typically have a heating element that atomizes liquid solutions, which are also known as “e- liquids”. E-liquids usually contain propylene glycol, glycerin , water , nicotine and flavorings . However, the components of the liquids are also sold individually so that the consumer can mix his e-liquids independently.

The benefits and health risks of e-cigarettes cannot be clearly determined. There is evidence that the vaporizers have helped many people quit cigarette smoking, but no improved success rate has been noted than with regulated medication. The risks can be compared to those of smokeless tobacco use. According to the FDA, the use of nicotine replacing products of lower risk than smoking an e-cigarette, but imagine the use of e-cigarettes to be the less harmful alternative to smoking represents.

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