Reviews By Some Of Our Customers

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Amazing Products

I’m so glad I was able to stumble on yor site, I have been looking to get into Psychedelics for a long time and I’m glad with all the help I could get from you guys. Thanks so Much.

Liam E / Canada

Late Delivery!

Hello guys just wanted to say I’m happy with the products and the packaging as well but my delivery was late. I expected it much earlier since I chose the express shipping method. But you guys are definitely the best out there.

Emma V / USA

Great Products

I was totally shocked when I searched on google and found your site, it got me skeptical for a some time, then I decided to give it a short I must say I am so happy I did.

Olivia M / Canada

I love the Membership plan

I love the discounts I get as a member each time I shop and the priority service my packages get, looking to extend my plan with you guys soon. Great place lovely Psychedelic online Shop.

Sam W / USA

Not Pleased!

I am so not pleased with the quantity I got for my Last order Richard, It was less than the one Usually get from you guys for the same price, what happened this time around. Please look into this for me. 

Sally Anne / USA

Simple the Best

If your looking to buy Psychedelics online, your in the right place, I was shocked when I actually ordered from these guys and received my package 3 days later. I recommend them to any one out there.

James Labrough / Canada

I love your Mushrooms

I have ordered mushrooms from a few site around the web and ended up not getting anything good, But after trying your mushrooms I must say I am hooked. I definitely looking to get the membership plan to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Jones Derouk / UK

Highly Recommend

If your a psychedelic lover like me and you really enjoy good stuff, I recommend you stop searching online and just go with this guys, they are simply the best, save yourself all the trouble of finding a legit store out the because I believe these are the only legit guys out there. 

Pete S / UK


I still can’t believe I can actually sit at home and order psychedelics online and actually receive my package, all this was made possible by you guys . thank you so much guys.

Jasmine L / USA

If you love Psychedelics Buy here!!!!

If your a psychedelic lover and you don’t Intend on loosing your money, You are in the right place. they are the best and I think the only legit Psychedelic drugstore online. Highly recommend them to anyone

George Kuverkils / USA

LSD is the best for me!!

I love taking the LSD so much and I’ll probably be back soon with another order. please can I get a discount if I don’t subscribe for the membership plan?. 

Macy J / Canada

Don’t Lose your money!!! Don’t lose your money!.

If you intend not to lose your money while trying to buy Psychedelics online, then buy only from these guys, because they are simply the best and only legit guys you’ll find out there. 

Jenny H / UK

Mushrooms don’t work for me Please recommend something more potent!

I would love to get something more potent, as the mushrooms really don’t get my mind tripping the way I want it to. let me know please. And thanks for always delivering.

Jason F / Canada

Order on Prime-Psychedelics only

Prime psychedelics is the only legit psychedelic drug store I know online and they’ve got a great selection of products. the keeps me coming back for more.

Sasha G / USA

I’ll Keep ordering from you guys as long I keep getting paid! hahaha

It’s always the same for me, anytime my paycheck comes in I buy some LSD and some DMT as they are my favorites.  

Pelly D / Canada

I love the Mad Honey!

I love the mad honey, it great for me because I love taking tea all the time, it’s an easy way for me to consume it. but I think I getting to much dose than I can actually take.

Rouchie D / UK

Please don’t buy ! I want it all 

If your still wondering wether to buy from here or not , don’t! hahaha ,I’m am going buy all once My psychedelic community reaches over 300 people. great job guys. I wish the were more shops like yours out here.

Sammy M / USA

More must be better!

My last order was just some few grams and I’m glad to say my friend and I enjoyed it. Looking to put in a bigger order next time around to last us longer.

Brian Marricklow / USA